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Cheap Central London Hotels

Looking for a cheap central london hotel? Whether you want a 2 star or 5 star hotel and where ever you want to be in london, we offer the widest choice of hotels and can help you get them at the lowest cost.

You don't have to spend hours clicking around hundreds of websites in order to get the best price on your london hotel. There are 5 websites that, between them, offer the cheapest prices.

Most 'london hotels' websites are affiliates of one of these websites (they offer a limited range from just one of these five london hotels websites). Here we tell you about all 5 websites, plus a couple of other websites with a limited range of london hotels, but great prices.

All of these websites offer some form of lowest price guarantee. They also power the hotels pages of all of the specialist 'london hotels' websites and many of the better known brands.

Each website offers an excellent choice and rock bottom prices. We make it easy for you to compare their prices plus, where they have them, we link you directly to their 'london hotels' sections.

Where to book
central london hotels

Now the interesting bit. These websites will give you the widest choice of central london hotels at the lowest prices.

Superbreak - this link is to superbreak's london hotels page. You can narrow your search by clicking on the arrow at the end of the 'all london' box and selecting one of 11 areas of london.

Enter your dates for details on around 300 central london hotels - from 2 to 5 star at prices from £45 a night. You can also use the 'special offers' search, search by hotel star rating or book london theatre breaks.

Room rates, facilities, grades, detailed descriptions and even photos are available for most hotels. But note that Superbreak quote prices on a per person basis not per room.

Worldres / - this website provides the hotels pages of many well known brands, including and Opodo. With prices up to 70% off published rates, for the last two years Forbes has called WorldRes "Best of the Web" in online hotel reservations.

This link takes you to their london page. From there you can click on places on a london map for details of hotels by area, or search across all of london, selecting from over 250 hotels - anything a bed in a 6 berth dormitory from £10 a night to apartments or suites in 5 star luxury hotels. / - one of the worlds biggest hotels booking websites, this link is direct to their 'london hotels' search page. Enter your dates, then get a list of all of their london hotels. You can then sort the results by 'best value', 'quality', 'price' or 'A-Z' or refine your search to a specific area or near a landmark (there is a drop down list of landmarks). use their bulk buying muscle to offer 'special internet rates', offering guaranteed rooms with 'best buy' prices. - this link takes you to the allrez city hotels page (with 'london hotels' automatically selected).

They have a 'refine search' section at the bottom of the page, but it doesn't work that well. The quickest way is to get an idea of the hotel you want with the companies above, then search for that hotel by name (and check the price) at Allrez.

They offer a broad range of london hotels. Click on a room type and 'more info' any of the hotels for an honest assessment of the hotel and its location. A regular place for bargains.

Holidayextras - this is a bit of a 'joker' in the pack. It is a discount website focusing on airport hotels, but if you click on this link, then 'london' in the 'airport' box, enter your dates and click 'proceed' you'll get details of up to 30 central london hotels.

Their central london hotels range from 2 to 4 star, often at unbeatable prices - from £40 a night (per room, not per person) they even have quad rooms from less than £45. Always worth a look.

How to get the best price on central london hotels

  1. As with most things on the web, our first piece of advice is to shop around for your cheap central london hotel. Check the prices at all of the websites detailed below. It's not unusual for them to offer the same hotel at very different prices.
  2. Unlike flights, as long as there is no conference or major event in London, you will often find the best deal by leaving booking late. Booking between two and seven days in advance usually yields the cheapest central london hotel rooms. But don't wait until the day as prices go back up.
  3. When comparing prices, the most important thing is to make sure that you are comparing ‘like with like’. Not just the same hotel (and there are 34 Holiday Inn hotels serving london, for example), make sure the ‘package’ is the same. Price per person and per room, service charges and breakfast (included or not) are the usual variants.
  4. Sometimes adding a weekend night will lower the rate for all of the other nights of your stay.
  5. Compare prices, but compare locations too. It's usually worth paying a little extra to be nearer the centre of town, or your preferred attraction.
  6. Don't just rely on 'star' ratings. Look at the facilities the hotel has and rank hotels based on the facilities' importance to you.
  7. If you want a cheap hotel at the weekend, consider hotels in or near business districts. Business people only want hotels during the week. These hotels are usually of a 'superior' standard but, in order to attract weekend custom, they offer excellent weekend deals.


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