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Express Holiday Inn Stansted
3 star - from £79 inc. up to 15 days parking via Active & Holidayextras

London Stansted Hotels

If you're looking for london stansted hotels, we'll tell you where to book it at the best price.

We've set out below details of three great websites who offer the widest choice of london stansted hotels at the best prices - whether you want a hotel with or without parking - offering savings of up to 70%.

Read this 60 second primer to make sure you get the best deal on london stansted hotels.

Where to book london stansted hotels at the best possible price

Unlike the other London airports, there is a limited choice of london stansted hotels. There are only two 'on airport' hotels (the only hotels within 5 miles of the airport) are the london stansted hilton and the stansted radisson sas. But there are 8 other london stansted hotels for you to choose from.

For information on all of the most popular london stansted hotels click on the hotels in the left hand margin of this page. Each will take you to a page providing all of the information you need to make an informed choice on london stansted hotels.

When you're ready to book a london stansted hotels, read on......

Holidayextras (click on the name to jump to the website) offer a choice of up to 5 hotels at discounted rates either at or near stansted airport.

Their rates range from £69 for one night in a double room at the popular 3 star Harlow Moat House to one night at the Stansted Hilton from £85.

(Note: You can also book london stansted hotels over the telephone with holidayextras on 0870 844 4110)

FHR hotels - offer less choice than choice than holidayextras and if you want a family room this may need to be confirmed offline, but they are often cheaper than holidayextras for the hilton, especially for family rooms.

(Note: you can book london stansted hotels with FHR 'offline' by telephoning 0870 745 6372).

To make sure you get the best deal, compare the prices at holidayextras and FHR airport hotels with APH hotels (again click on the name to jump to the website).

APH have just added the Stansted Mannor and Hallingbury Mill hotels to their range, increasing the choice of budget hotels available near stansted airport.

(Note: you can book stansted airport hotels with APH 'offline' - by telephoning 0870 733 2150)

Then compare the airport hotels specialist above with two discount hotels websites that feature london stansted hotels:

Superbreak hotels - a UK hotels website with a great london stansted hotels section - including some not offered by the other 3. They offer a wider choice of room types, including single and twin rooms and are usually the cheapest for 'room only' rates.

But note that Superbreak quote prices on a per person basis not per room and if you want a london stansted hotel including free parking make sure it's included in the hotel description. If it's not in the description, it's not included.

We recommend that you search for your london stansted hotel in the following order:

Holidayextras (widest choice - good benchmark) then FHR hotels (better prices, especially for Friday and Sunday) then Superbreak hotels (hotels not offered by the airport hotels specialists) then book!

The whole process should take no more than 15 minutes and will ensure that you get the cheapest london stansted hotel. Good luck and enjoy your holiday.

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